The Legend of Drunken Jack

The Legend of Drunken Jack (As told by Captain Mack Oliver)

In the early 1600’s, bands of pirates and plunderers roamed the open seas, but the most famous scourge of them all was Edward Teach, better known as “Blackbeard.” Blackbeard’s ship stopped at a small island off Murrells Inlet to unload and bury a surplus or hijacked rum. The pirates buried all but a few of the dozens of casks on the island and then enjoyed a feast of oysters and shrimp washed down with gallons of rum.

After a night of wild and riotous boozing, the crew all fell into a drunken stupor and slept the night away. The next morning they sailed, forgetting about a crewman named Jack, who was still sleeping off his massive hangover.

Eventually Jack was missed, but in the heat of a running battle the ship moved far into the Caribbean and there was no chance to go back and pick him up.

It was two years before the ship made its way back to the little island off the coast of South Carolina to recover its valuable rum cargo and Jack. The crew found 32 empty casks of rum scattered up and down the beach and over by the edge of the myrtle and palmetto scrubs, the bleaching bones of old Jack. Hence the name “Drunken Jack’s Island.” In tribute to the tale of “Old Jack” there is a spirited and intriguing restaurant overlooking his island and bearing the name Drunken Jack’s. Over the past quarter century Drunken Jack’s has become a legend in its own right, entertaining a new breed of pirates with the best that our bountiful inlet and the Carolina Coast have to offer.

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