Goat Island

When you look onto the beautiful waters of Murrells Inlet behind Drunken Jack’s you see many picturesque things like fishing boats bringing in the fresh catch, the beautiful natural landscapes of the inlet, and all types of animals that typically inhabit the salt marsh. If you take another look, you will see an island just to the right with some unusual animals for the area roaming around. That’s right, you should see goats and peacocks hanging out together on “Goat Island.”

For the past 24 years, the owners of Drunken Jack’s have put the goats on the island to help keep the underbrush down. They are put on the island during mid-spring and taken off during late fall. So the goats get to spend their summer vacation months on an all-inclusive island with fresh food and water daily. They spend the winter months at Osprey Marina, which has a nice area for them to graze and roam. Not a bad life for a goat! Don’t worry, if we have any major hurricane threats we take them off the island, so they can evacuate as well.

Since the summer of 2006, we decided to give the goats some new friends, the peacocks. The naturally beautiful plumage of the male peacock is always an amazing site to see. If you look closely you may even see the white female peacocks (aka peahens) as well. Sometimes nature just sends over some other guests to the island like ducks, egrets, herons and pelicans.

So the goats and the peacocks live together in harmony on our very own “Goat Island.” This always makes for a great conversation piece while you are enjoying your time at Drunken Jack’s Restaurant.

Try out very own Drunken’s Jack Goat Island Tea made with a unique blend of house liquors, sour mix, triple sec and a splash of Pepsi!

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